Peaceful Plane Rides

Middle Child likes to talk. A lot. Incessantly. Nonstop. Constantly. We took a quick plane ride to Denver this weekend to visit Sister Quilter and her son who is Middle Child's age. I told Middle Child to bring a book. And apparently he did. But he didn't want to read it the whole time. I don't mind flying because it's a chance for me to finish the book I started the last time I flew. So I was looking forward to sitting at the airport and reading, getting on the plane and reading and then landing and reading til we could get off. But I forgot one important thing.

Middle Child likes to talk. A lot.

We got to the airport and had some lunch. He informed me that he didn't eat lunch at school since they ate so early. They had a half day and therefore lunch was served around 11am. Not really that much earlier, but whatever, I've quit trying to understand his logic. When we headed to the airport I didn't tell Olaf to feed us so he did his job and took us straight there. He's a good man.

We ordered some Pizza Hut pizza and as my back was turned Middle Child committed the Cardinal Sin of air transportation. He saved us a seat by leaving his suitcase at the table while he filled his soda. I looked around and thankfully there were no TSA agents in the area. After we sat down I fervently whispered, "You can't ever leave your suitcase alone, not even for a second!" I don't think he understands the whole Cardinal Sin concept. He tried to do it again when he refilled his soda cup. (A bonus to not traveling solo is not taking the suitcase into the stall with you. They designed airport bathroom stalls before the whole "Unattended suitcases will be treated as a terrorist threat.")

We went to our gate with an hour till the plane left. I was looking forward to some hardcore reading time. But Middle Child had other intentions. He's only been in an airport one other time, and that was four years ago. He kept asking questions. He kept a running commentary on how well he liked the paint job on each airplane. He tried to answer some questions to folks talking to the Flight Attendant whose desk we were sitting near. They completely ignored him as I shushed him. He replied, "I'm just trying to help." Which he was. I kept asking him, "Don't you want to read your book?" "I will in a little bit," he kept replying. So much for peaceful reading time.

We finally got on the plane. I thought for sure he would read now. But no such luck. As we were waiting on the entrance ramp they decided the plane's overhead containers were full. So we had to check our luggage after all, but at least they didn't charge us. But Middle Child's book was in his suitcase and he forgot to get it out and I forgot to remind him to get it out. So he continued to talk all the way off the ground. I just did my best to ignore him while I read my book. I'm getting near the end so it was easier to ignore him than if I was at the beginning.

He finally fell asleep! I got to read for about half the ride in peace and quiet! I even got him a 7Up. When he woke he didn't really want that to drink. He drinks Root Beer and plenty of other illegal (in our household) drinks, but not 7Up. So I had to suck it up and drink it. Back when I was 12 I got sick after my Aunt's wedding rehearsal dinner and haven't drank the stuff since because that's all I could taste coming back up. Until yesterday. It wasn't really that bad. But I won't be ordering another one anytime soon.

We had a few bumps up there in the air. I hate bumps. I feel like that's the end, even though we would have to fall 30,000 feet for it really to be the end. But it always makes me nervous. I have to concentrate very hard on reading my book and ignoring the bumps. Middle Child didn't mind them at all. "This is bumpy?" as the crew was even holding on, "This isn't that bumpy." I'm sure he was comparing it to a roller coaster ride which is completely different and safer. It's on solid ground.

When we got in to Denver we got off and found the family and headed out. Finally he had someone else to talk to! He's been playing with his cousin and they've been having a great time. But it will start all over again Sunday when we head home. Hopefully I'll be recuperated by then.


mommybake said...

Ha Ha!! That is what you get:)! Have fun!!

Lonita said...

I totally sympathize - having time to read uninterrupted is the only thing I like about flying (the flight to Vegas was the first time I'd finished a book since maternity leave). Now, if only I could get Tim to read, too...

denverallens said...

Donna, thanks for the sacrifice you made to come. I know talking with our children absolutely drives us crazy sometimes. I totally get the paint job thing. Mac would be not only be commenting on them but asking me which one I liked the best and so on and so forth!