Unsent Letters

Sometimes I just wish that Calvin was on a trip and I could send him some silly letters that would make him and his roommates laugh. Every now and then I compose one in my head and get a giggle out of them. I'm sure they have computers in Heaven so I'm sending him a letter.

Dear Calvin,

Last spring when you got excited about mowing the lawn I knew something was amiss. You hate mowing the lawn. You keep begging us for a goat. You keep suggesting areas that you think should be covered with bark. You complain every time I plant a tree, one more thing to mow around. So, when you were excited last spring about mowing the lawn I knew something was amiss. I asked why you were excited because I know you hate mowing the lawn. You answered my question by exclaiming that we were buying a new lawnmower this year. You were so excited. Until I burst your bubble. Being the practical woman that I am I assured you we would be using the lawnmower until it inhaled its last gas and spewed fumes instead of revving to a start. You were not amused. But whenever I asked you to mow the lawn you did it and I'm proud of that.

This summer Olaf tried to start the mower for the first lawn mowing session of the year. It wouldn't start at all. So we went lawn mower shopping. You can take solace in the fact that we didn't buy a goat so Middle Child will still have to mow the lawn. We checked out a few and showed the boys an old-fashioned mower. It's a couple of blades welded between the wheels without any protective covering. They thought it was pretty cool, but then, they were only pushing it across the smooth tiled floor, not through a forest of grass. I'm sure they would lose a few fingers this summer.

The good news is we finally decided on and bought a new lawnmower! You would love it. It has a window in the grass bagger so you don't have to guess when the bag is full. No more waiting for it to fall off and spread cut grass everywhere. It also has a 'easy pull start.' If it doesn't start within two pulls they will replace the engine. You would have loved that when our old one took 10-15 tries to start last summer. You probably wouldn't even have to help Middle Child start the mower anymore.

I hope you don't have to mow your lawn up there. I bet you have a couple goats and they are much better about listening to you tell them where to eat and how much to leave. And if you do mow your lawn I wish you the fanciest riding lawn mower available in Heaven!



mommybake said...

That is so sweet! I thought about him today while making chicken enchiladas (this thing doesn't have spell check!!) And I think he has been sending little cravings down with this little baby of mine! I think about hamburgers and MEXICAN food ALL the time!!

And Calvin - we are getting a goat this week hopefully!! Dean would have been all over you getting a goat! He HATES mowing the lawn too! He pays his nephews to do it - to bad you didn't live closer - you could have made some money at mowing the lawn:) I miss you buddy and think about you all the time!! Your Aunt Suzanne loves you and I hope you didn't teach this new little baby to many new tricks to play on us:)

Lonita said...

You definitely have to give him credit for ingenuity - not every boy would think of suggesting landscaping areas with bark to reduce lawn mowing requirements. I like the idea of lawn-moving goats in heaven, though it's probably a good thing you didn't get one for your own lawn (I still remember Cole pretend shooting at the sheep and goats when we went to Living History Farms).

sally said...

To this day Calvin is still making me laugh. I agree with Lonita on his ability to make suggestions so he would no longer need to mow the lawn. I think if he saw our house in Bloomington he'd be devastated by the amount of time that used to take to mow.

denverallens said...

Forget Bloomington, I'm sure you told him about he hill in Cedar Rapids. I remember running over small wildlife. He may have liked that, but I did NOT. I told a story about Calvin last night at my camp meeting, but couldn't get through it. I miss him so much too. Probably wierd, but everytime I go to the Temple I put Calvin on the prayer roll. Surely he misses us too.

quilts and quirks said...

Calvin would be all over living in Vegas. Most people don't have lawns. We do ROCKS. But, we do get weeds and they need to be pulled. At least we don't pull weeds every week like you mow a lawn. We all miss Calvin, always will.