How to Tell if You're Getting Taller

Sister-in-Law Nurse told Baby he was getting taller. And he agreed.

"I can tell when I pee," he nonchalantly replied.

In between fits of giggling she asked how that was the determining factor of growth.

"The toilet's farther away."

And that is the logic of an eight-year-old boy. I don't think it gets any better over the next 60 years.


Urban Parks said...

I don't think age has any impact. That toilet hasn't gotten further away for 45 years. Maybe it's getting closer. I'll check.

denverallens said...

Sound resoning on his part. Thanks for the laugh, I needed one today!

Lonita said...

The things I have to look forward to!

the HeartTongues said...

sounds like something my 8 year old boy would say!! :)