The Finished Cabinet

Last month I told you about staining a display case we had made for the Junior High in Calvin's memory. Finally, here are some pics of us working on it.
Here we are sanding. Thank goodness for electricity and sanders!

The boys enjoyed getting all kinds of dirty and stained.

They really got into their work!

Yesterday we helped put up the cabinet. It turned out very nice looking and matches another display case they already have.

Here is Todd the Cabinet-Maker taking things down on the wall.

Olaf is prepping the wall after everything is down.

Here is Middle Child helping attach the bottom base the cabinet will rest upon. Love the cowlicks, one of the many endearing qualities of Middle Child.

Here is Todd the Cabinet-Maker, his Assistant, and Olaf setting the first cabinet in place.

Here is Todd the Cabinet-Maker anchoring that heavy thing to the wall. Hopefully it won't fall on anyone!

The second cabinet went up and Todd the Cabinet-Maker went to work putting the two together, anchoring it to the wall while his Assistant, Nephew, and Olaf held that thing in place.

Now he's putting the finishing touches on anchoring.

Now the crown molding is being installed.

Here the children and I are cleaning it up. I must only have one shirt. Can you tell how I know that?

Now the kids are putting up the shelves and Todd the Cabinet-Maker is installing the tempered glass doors.

We even got Middle Child to do some glass cleaning.

Here is the finished product.

We put a little plaque inside.


curlygirl said...

It turned out so awesome. I think you chose something great to remember Calvin!

amber said...

o my gosh! i love it! thats so cute! i cant wait to see it tomorrow in school... thanks so much for doing that for our school. im excited to go see it tomorrow!! :)

sally said...

It looks great. This is such a god idea and I like how you were able to work on it as a family.

denverallens said...

I agree with Sally, it's such a "God" project. ;o) No really, it turned out so beautiful. You all did a great job! What a great way for the kids to be reminded of Calvin everyday!

mommybake said...

It looks great! Looking at it, it makes me smile & cry! And NO ONE would have noticed you were wearing the same shirt in both pictures - even thought it is a different day, unless you commented on it:) Love you!! And I think what you guys did for Calvin's memory at school is great!

Urban Parks said...

A truly nice and appropriate way to help remember Calvin. It was a work of love and healing.

quilts and quirks said...

This is such a nice tribute. The cabinets turned out great. I'm glad Clayton and Cole got to help make it. They will always remember helping with the sanding and staining. Very good looking. I'm sure Calvin likes it too.

the HeartTongues said...

it's amazing...! y'all are SUCH a cool family!!