Sometimes. Occasionally. Not too often. Randomly. Mysteriously. A good trait gets passed down to your offspring.

Middle Child has been venturing into the field of baking. He came home yesterday and asked if he cleaned up really good, could he could make cookies? I said "No." We really didn't have time.

Today he brought a friend home after school. They asked if they could go to Shopko to buy some treats. His friend had finally turned an assignment in on time! Then they worked on some homework. When they were done they asked if they could make some cookies.

Letting them make cookies versus me driving them to the store? You know which one won out! Thank goodness there are a few teenage boys here to eat the cookies so I don't. Because instead of letting him make the tasteless generic sugar cookies out of my basic cookbook, I gave him a good recipe. And they are good.

Unfortunately he bakes like he does most things. He only reads the first line of the instructions. I told him to read steps 4-7 to see what needed to be done to get them ready for baking. Apparently he only read 4 and 5 because step 6 tells you to flatten the balls of dough. This was after he tried to add chocolate chips to the sugar cookie dough. The mean Mom that I am wouldn't let him. I told him to make Chocolate Chip cookies if that's what he wanted.

They don't look too bad, just not like regular Sugar Cookies. But then, I've talked about Middle Child and his lack of conforming to my version of Normalcy.


Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...

They look yummy too me! But I understand - they need to do what we say when we say:)

I heard Ellen tell Dean the other night that he was filling the dishwasher wronge. She shows him how it is done and tells him that this is how Mom likes it done and you have to do it that way or she gets mad:( Great!

quilts and quirks said...

Hey, I love cookies. I would give them a try in a heartbeat. I'm sure they tasted good. Donna, I'm with you, they look great compared to a taking the boys to a store.

sally said...

I just love middle child. We told Bonnie only sad little girls get easy bake ovens because they have bad mommies. Why are the mommies bad, because they don't let their kids help cook in the kitchen. You can tell Clayton you're a good mommy.

denverallens said...

I'd eat them! and Sally, the easy bake oven ordeal. Argh! I feel for you, Sydney wants one, again, this year!

Lonita said...

They look pretty good! And I can hardly blame him for wanting to put chocolate chips in. (Better than Joshua, who tried to add a produce sticker and other random treasures to the dough when we made cookies last week.)