What Happens in Vegas Doesn't Stay in Vegas

On the way home from Disneyland we stopped off in some small town in California. It's pretty close to Death Valley. It has billboards claiming it has the world's Largest Thermometer. It does have a large thermometer but it has become a victim of the weather and it's hard to read. But they also have an Alien Beef Jerky store. So we stopped.

Here's Baby with the Crashed Alien Spacecraft. Thank Goodness it crashed on impact and isn't working or he might be snatched!

They also have the Mad Greek restaurant. I remember seeing a few in California. But none were quite as awesome as this one.

I love it. It reminds me of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Loved that movie.

Then we stopped in Vegas on our way home. Not to gamble away the rest of our money but to visit my parents. They took us downtown because the boys wanted to see the Lions at the MGM. I was okay with that because that meant I could go to the M&M store and Coke World!

When we got to Coke World they offered to take our photo with the Coke Bear. They were nice enough to take one with my camera and then they used their camera. The boys promptly went upstairs to see them. For the low price of $40 we could get one big one and a couple wallet photos. In retrospect I should have bought them. They would have made awesome pictures to put in our Christmas Cards.


denverallens said...

I can't believe the lions are so friendly! I'd love to be that guy in there with the lions! You could still use that photo, you guys look great. You could photoshop in a smile on Chris's face!

Urban Parks said...

Baker is what the movies call a teaser, and not a very good one, but it is interesting. Just be glad you don't live there!

Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...

I was thinking that would make a great Christmas card picture too!

I saw that greek place on our way to DisneyLand!!

quilts and quirks said...

The Coke Bear picture is great. Cole has a fish jumping for this throat and Clayton has a terrific smile. In the Coke pic you wouldn't believe the bear was real, but he is a real person. I now get it: you like Coke because it starts with a "C". And look how plump those lions are! MGM feeds they well.