What's for Dinner?

Dear Calvin,

I wish you could come home for dinner. I miss having you around at dinnertime. I miss your smile and funny stories and jokes. But mostly I miss that you almost always ate my food. Except for tacos. Somewhere along the way you quit liking tacos and it surprised me. But everything else you almost always liked.

I miss your voracious appetite that apparently me and the whole neighborhood couldn't satisfy. Your brothers don't share the love of food that you have. It doesn't matter what I make at least one of them doesn't like it.I'd love to have someone under the age of 30 sitting at my table and honestly tell me my food is good and it's not going to make them puke.

Baby's strategy is just to cry and tell me that this particular dish will make him puke if he has to eat any of it. Every night it's the same story. Middle Child smiles and tells me it's great but then he picks and picks and picks at it. A half hour later hardly any of his food is gone and I know he's just trying to pacify me.

Tonight, Baby cried and went to his room because he wouldn't eat Chicken n Dumpling Soup. Once when Dad was bringing you home from a baseball game you had asked to stop at Glade's. Dad told you we were having Chicken n Dumpling soup and you changed your mind. You wanted to come home and eat my food!

Ever since you've gone no one really wants to eat at home even though I'm making great food. They like it when I make Tacos, Spaghetti, Pizza, Hot Dogs. Oh, and Orange Chicken. I almost forgot about that one, everyone likes that dish. You would too. And for some reason your brothers like steak.

Anyway, I hope you're not getting cafeteria food up there in Heaven, they should serve that to the people in Hell. You should get 5-star restaurants. And at least you'll like the food and not complain unlike your brothers. Hopefully you're getting to eat even more adventurous and spicy stuff that I didn't make either because I wasn't adventurous or it cost too much.

Love you and Miss you!


Urban Parks said...

What a nice letter to a young man who would eat anything, from anybody, and anywhere. I think he is feasting on all of his favorite foods and learning so many more. I wonder how big the buffet is - it had better be big for Calvin.

denverallens said...
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denverallens said...

'll send Mac right over. He eats everything, even if it's fallen on the floor. I could use my food bill going down a little! He keeps telling me he's trying to bulk up. I hope there's good food in Heaven too!

Lonita said...

I somehow imagine the food in heaven is like a great all-inclusive buffet - always open, endless choices. And it might just be enough to satisfy Calvin's appetite!

Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...

I agree with Lonita!!

sally said...

I wish Calvin would come to my house and eat. All my kids like are hot dogs, chicken nuggets, and pizza. Ok I guess all junk food. I agree with Lonita too, I'm up for an all out Buffet.