This was the year for Olaf to get Calendars for Christmas.

The boys got him the usual World of Warcraft calendar for his office.

But his brother brought him this awesome calendar.

We have it sitting on our kitchen counter so every morning we can have a little Zombie wisdom.

And now you know exactly what a Zombie is, if you were wondering.


Urban Parks said...

It's the perfect give for a dad who has embraced zombies at the expense of his youngest son. Actually, it looks cool. Does baby have it in his room yet?

Lonita said...

I see zombies are slowly taking over your house, one step at a time. Is Cole nervous yet?

denverallens said...

That is so funny! So is Cole nervous yet??? Just wondering how he is dealing with the zombie invasion!

sally said...

Yeah Cole should seriously be considering if his parents are zombies in disguise. Although I do love the zombie guide, may have to find one for myself.

Erin Renz said...

oooohh, I like that one. I totally would have bought that for Justin this year. Instead, I had to just go with the Chuck Norris one, also very good :)