The Clock

I went to the gym last night. At my normal time. I got there just early enough to get my stuff out. But, I forgot it was the beginning of the new year. The class was almost full! I had to sit up front. By the teacher. And more painful, the Clock.

I don't like working out. I hate sweating and feeling all dirty and grungy. And in Pilates we don't sweat a whole lot, thank goodness. But it's still a hard class. And to be that close to the clock! Pain! There was no fooling my brain into how much time was left, or how much time had elapsed. Ugh!

I can usually trick myself the last half hour of class into not realizing we're almost done. And then all of a sudden it's over and my brain thought we had another 15-20 minutes! It's like Christmas for Pilates! Not so with the clock right in front of me. I had to bear a whole hour of class, knowing just how long I had been working out.

Tonight, for Yoga I am going early. There's a nice corner in the back that I'd like to claim as my own. Can't tell what time it is and the teacher can't see me too well over the heads of lots of other students. Too bad we can't reserve spots, cuz I'd write my name in permanent ink on that spot!


Urban Parks said...

I hate a clock when I'm in a class of any kind. When you can see a clock it never moves - especially in Sunday School, or even one of my lectures

Lonita said...

I agree - and I am all about the back spot in classes. How do you like Pilates?

Donna said...

I'm a back row kind of person. I love pilates, but it's hard. But my core and legs get an incredible workout and I can tell I'm getting stronger. Hopefully it will show one day.

sally said...

I like hiding in class but I don't like sitting in the back. Way too many auditorium classes with kids that weren't paying for their tuition. I agree about the clock, if I can see it time never moves.

Marti said...

Jeri and I have been doing Pilates for year now - 3x a week. I too am not a lover of exercise, but love Pilates. The time there does fly! Good for you!