If You Open It, Close It

Yesterday morning I was up before everyone else. It was quite nice and quiet in the house and i was enjoying it. Eventually the rest of the rest of the family got up too. Middle Child was the last to get out of bed, he is a teenager. But within minutes of his being out of bed he had already riled me up. He opened the door, went into the laundry room, got whatever he needed, walked out, and tried to go downstairs.

I hollered after him, "Shut the door!" Olaf shot me daggers since I was already raising my voice and the kid hadn't been up for ten minutes. He isn't around near enough to understand what is going on.

"Oh, sorry," and he promptly came back and shut the door.

For some reason this is a daily occurrence for us. He opens a cupboard and leaves. He opens a drawer and walks away. I've been repeating this phrase at least a half a dozen times a day to him over the past several weeks. But it hasn't sunk in. That fateful Saturday morning I happened to be on the computer and decided to post what I tell him constantly. I was amazed at the storm it created!

Apparently I am not alone. There are many other frustrated mother's out there. Here's the stream of responses I received. It made my day that night when I read them all!

If you open it, close it. Why is this such a mystery to kids?
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    • Juanita and/or husbands...........
      Yesterday at 11:00am · 

    • Heather Good question, how about if you drop it, pick it up or spill it or the list could go on and on!!!
      Yesterday at 11:23am · 

    • Jennifer I guess you need another note on the container!
      Yesterday at 11:26am · 

    • Donna What gets me is I have a child that when they don't like something in their room and need to get rid of it, they put it in the hall so that the fairy get rid of things will take it away!!! drives me nutts!!!
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    • Suzanne I hear you!!
      Yesterday at 12:26pm · 

    • Lindsay I think my heating bill was so high this month because my boys always forgot to close the back door.
      Yesterday at 12:52pm · 

    • DaNae I have a hard time watching A Christmas Story because that dang kid opens the mailbox, checks the mail, puts it back into the mailbox and then leaves the mailbox open. I spend the rest of the movie shouting at him! Brad says he's fine with the mailbox but when the kid leaves his gun in the snow...
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    • Jen Bo oooo how I wish i knew! LOL
      Yesterday at 2:06pm · 

    • Lisa I hate it when they leave an empty box in the pantry or fridge. Why can't they just throw it out.
      22 hours ago · 

    • Lindsay Argh! I am getting angry just thinking about it!
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    • Rachel LOL
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Krissie said...

FYI: They never outgrow it!

sally said...

Preaching to the choir. I'm the only one in my house capable of doing any kind of cleaning.