A few days after Christmas I went to Willam's Sonoma to get something special. When I brought it home the boys were so excited. It was Star Wars Pancake Molds! They were so excited they had to make some the next morning while I was at work. Failed Attempt #1.

Olaf was home the next day and he tried to make them for the boys since their attempt didn't work out. Failed Attempt #2.

Then New Year's Day I decided to show them all how it's done. I sprayed lots of Non-Stick spray to no avail. Failed Attempt #3.

Then Olaf tried it again with the same batch of dough. Finally! Successful Attempt #1!!! Well, sort of if you don't count Yoda's torn ear.


sally said...

Bonnie would be so jealous if she knew you had these. Even if they don't work out. Looks like when we come we'll have to make some, maybe Olaf can show us how it's done.

Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...

How fun!!

michael said...

I am so jealous! I love pancakes and I love star wars. I saw some people had them online, but you having them makes me so jealous of your boys.

Lonita said...

I love them - those are so cute!

Erin Renz said...

Donna, did you buy the pancake pen there too? That helps a TON. I made the mistake of making cool pancakes, now the kids wants star wars pancakes EVERY day!