Painting Part 2

Notice the disastrous mess? Everything pulled out, moved around, out of place. Augh! The painting isn't done yet!

I am so incredibly motivated to get this room done cuz this is where we do our living and I can't handle this mess.

Even the fridge isn't where it belongs. It feels all out of sorts. I've got to 
get it back in place before it gets mad at us and spoils our food.

Even the blinds were pulled down. Now people can see in the front and the back! That would be because even though the other room is completely painted (and looks good, thank you) I bought new curtains and need to embellish them before they are hung. Will someone just tell me to quit making more projects for myself?

But by the end of this weekend things should be back in place. And Middle Child can make the cookies he wanted to make today and I wouldn't let him. Why? Not because I'm a Mean Mom (although I am sometimes) but because I couldn't handle the extra mess. And I will enjoy the cookies as a reward!


Urban Parks said...

Messy, but it looks so good. I'm anxious to see the finished project. And maybe have a cookie or two.

quilts and quirks said...

The walls are looking good. And you know the walls are saying "Thank you, Thank you, I was so thirsty!!" Painting is a whole bunch of hard work.

Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...

It is looking great!!

Tim said...

I can send my painters over.

sally said...

Are you sure you don't like the blue trim? It's kind of eye catching. I hate messes too, I wish kids came with an automatic cleanup switch. Life would be so much better.