The Ten Commandments

Part of being LDS is Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy, it is one of the Ten Commandments. From the time you're little it's ingrained in your head that you don't shop on Sunday. It's taught to the little kids at church and as adults we're reminded in classes on a regular basis. We try not to shop on Sunday but there are times when we've felt like we really needed something and gone to the store anyway.

One such day back when Calvin was probably five or six we pulled into the Kmart parking lot right after church. As we started to pull into a parking spot Calvin hollered from the back seat, "No shopping on Sunday!!!"

Olaf kept on rolling, never stopped, and we went right home. Apparently whatever we needed wasn't so important that we had to have it right away.

Thinking we had great boys who listened at church we praised them. Until the following Tuesday when I went back to Kmart with the boys in the back seat. As Calvin and Middle Child both hollered, "No shopping on Tuesday!!" I began to suspect their Sunday Shopping comment had been more of an effort to not shop, their most despised activity, rather than to obey the Ten Commandments.


Lonita said...

Funny! Always nice when you get called out by your kids on your behavior - though a smart effort by the boys!

denverallens said...

I think that's so funny. My friend called tonight to tell me she was going to McDonald's. Mac instantly replied, "we only get to do that when Aunt Donna is here." You've got them trained good!

Marti said...

This is a classic Donna!

sally said...

I love that Calvin tried to pull No shopping on Tuesday. That is so awesome. Thankfully Charlotte can't talk yet or she' be pulling the same comments.