Amusing Amusement Parks

We went to Lagoon last weekend. It's the local Amusement Park. And it's amusing in more ways than just rides. Those places always attract amusing people. Of which I didn't take any pictures. But we went for dancing.

But not my boys. They were just watching. It was a competition. And I know that Sister-in-Law Fashionista could tell you all the details but all I know is that I got to watch Niece Dancer dance with her group.

They were really good! They have worked really hard and it showed.

After the girls were done with their last dance Baby and I were walking back to the tents. He said, "Cousin Dancer has some hot girls on her team."

I replied, "Yes she has some cute friends."

Baby just walked on in silence. Then I said, "Were you talking about the older girls?" (In the dance not pictured the high school girls danced with the younger girls. And they are quite pretty.)

"Yeah. They must have had plastic surgery."

I was about to protest. My 10-year-old should not be noticing things like that quite yet. And then he showed his naivety and innocence, "They're just so pretty." And I breathed a sigh of relief.

And then I dragged SiL Fashionista on Wicked. The awesomest roller coaster this side of the Rockies. It's steep. It's fast. It's smooth. It's twisty upside-down.

The second time through she took her glasses off to protect them. Didn't help. They fell out of her pocket on this twisty upside down! So after informing the ride attendants of missing glasses they called in reinforcements, shut the ride down, got everyone off, and ran out to look for them in the dark.

And they found them!

Albeit she won't be wearing them anytime soon.


Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...

Too funny about Cole. You couldn't get me on that roller coaster if you paid me!!!!

sally said...

I can't believe you went on that ride! It looks awesome, maybe when I'm feeling better we can go. I love roller coasters and Jay is a sweat heart and rides them just so I don't have to go alone. Some day I will take him to Kings Island in Ohio!