Teenage Folklore

Middle Child came home from school with an awesome story.

"One of my friends told me about these two kids at school. They both had lip rings. One day when they were kissing their rings got stuck together. They couldn't get them apart cuz it really hurt. They happened to be outside the Science room and the Science Teacher came out to help them. He told them to undo one of their rings. They tried but it hurt way too much. Then he remembered he had just received a new acid for a science experiment. So he went and got his new acid and put just a drop on one of the lip rings and it melted the metal. Then the kids could finally pull apart."

I love that the stories haven't changed (much) since I was in school.

What stories have your kids told that you remember spreading as gospel when you were their age?


Krissie said...

LOL! That is so funny! Ours was kissing with braces and getting stuck together! I don't know how you were suppose to unhook, just they would get stuck together.

I love in the story how the science teacher used acid to melt the metal but it didn't hurt the couples lips!

Urban Parks said...

We weren't allowed to tell stories about school. Then again braces & lip rings were not in fashion. The stories that circulated I never repeated. It was Texas and different.

sally said...

I just remember Jeni telling me about the braces & kissing. I love the lip ring though.

denverallens said...

That's funny Sally. Evidently I've told Alyssa to never date anyone with braces. If they were worth it, wait until the braces come off. Obviously it scarred me for life!

Potter Family said...

Donna..I DID kiss a boy when we both had braces. We didn't get stuck together, but my hair got stuck in his braces. It was awesome. Never kissed him again.