The Creature From the Processed Food Box

Last night Baby's best friend, Z, was over at dinnertime. What passes for dinnertime at this house is usually bedtime for lots of other people. So I figured he had already eaten and was hungry again. So as I prepared food for my two offspring I asked my Wish-He-Was-Here-For-Dinner-Every-Night Adopted Son if he wanted to eat too.

He did, of course.

So I grilled some brats and hamburgers for everybody. And we chowed because by nightfall we were all starving.

After dinner he thanked me for dinner and added, "Please don't tell my Mom I ate dinner here. I didn't really like her Hamburger Helper."

I told him I'd keep our secret locked up inside me somewhere. I think it snuck out the back-door though.

Then both of my children asked, "What's Hamburger Helper?"


sally said...

That's a good thing your kids don't know what hamburger helper is. It's just yucky.

Lonita said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure Joshua will grow up without knowing what Hamburger Helper is, too. Not sure I've ever even had it :-).

Krissie said...

We rarely ever eat hamburger helper in our house. We only like 1 of the hamburger helpers and I think it's because we only eat it about once a year when I'm to tired to fix something myself!

denverallens said...

Hamburger Helper is nasty. The other day when Mac was helping me grocery shop he wanted to buy some. It looked so enticing on the box. I instantly make a barf sound and told him no. YUCK! It's good your boys don't know!

Potter Family said...

My kids don't know what it is either! I hate it! They rarely like to eat mac and cheese, and I'd like them to eat it more! Maybe I need to come down and eat hamburgers down there. I'm trying to figure out dinner for tonight. Sheesh..can't figure it out!