I Want You!

One of the first things we decided after Calvin died was that we would not live in grief but that we would celebrate his life. We decided that we would not let grief ruin our lives. As part of celebrating his life when we came upon new events we would use "What Would Calvin Do?" as our guide. When minutes after they told us Calvin had not survived and asked us to consider organ donation we both thought it was a good idea and both said "Calvin would want to continue to help others."

A couple years later Middle Child has started working on his Eagle Project. He decided long ago he wanted to do something about organ donation. He has finally put together his project. He wants to educate people about organ donation and hopefully sign people up to be organ donors.

This Saturday, June 4, he is setting up booths around town. He needs your help to staff those booths throughout the day. If you can help email him at eagle.proj@gmail.com. He would really appreciate any help you can offer. And don't forget, "What Would Calvin Do?" 


Urban Parks said...

Congratulations to all of you for making the commitment to adopt "What would Calvin do." It is such a positive approach and I'm so impressed the Clayton is following the same model for his Eagle project. We couldn't be prouder of all of you.

michael said...

Wish I could come out and help with the eagle project. To bad Indiana so far away. It sounds like a really good eagle project too.

denverallens said...

Wish I could be there to help out! That's totally awesome! What a great idea! Calvin would love it, or should I say, he does love it!

Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...

I think this is a great project!!!