What To Do After the Last Day of School?

It's the third to last day of school. Apparently Baby got in trouble at school. Again.

I hear the message on the answering machine the next morning. It sounds terrible. I'm surprised they didn't hunt me down. I'm expecting a court date.

Olaf hears the message and is quite upset too. We discuss punishment. Baby is grounded for the rest of the week. That makes him cry because it's the beginning of summer break!

Olaf goes in to the school and talks to the Principal. Turns out the situation wasn't as bad as it sounded on the phone.

We talked and decided to let Baby choose his punishment. He can either be grounded through the weekend OR he can pull everything out of his room, go through it and get rid of stuff and put some things other places, and finally put some stuff back in his room. But not all of it. Not anywhere near all of it!

Can you tell which punishment he chose? The Positive Punishment. So far he's been cheerful and willing. He actually likes cleaning his room out although we've never been this thorough before.

As you can see there isn't much left in his room. Tomorrow he gets to finish pulling everything out and commence making "Keep" "Throw Away" and "Move Somewhere Else" piles. And he has to have a place for everything before it goes back in his room.

We're both excited. Me because his room will be clean for a few days! Him because he thinks he'll be done right away after school and will be able to go play.

I don't think he realizes how much CRAP he has in his room and how much of it isn't going back in there.

The Next Day: Mission Almost Accomplished! Now to just get rid of the stuff that DIDN'T go back in the Room!


Krissie said...

It looks really good! I like how the bed was moved as well. Good luck on taking care of all the stuff that didn't go back in the room!

Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...

Looks good!!!! What did he do?

Urban Parks said...

This is a positive punishment and reinforces good behavior. The best part is that his room is clean, even if he isn't quite sure why. However, I know him well enough to feel comfortable that he knows why and that the idea of a clean room will find root somewhere in that mind, even if it won't be soon. Good job.

Kim Lee said...

You guys have awesome parenting skills! I want to be like you! :)

quilts and quirks said...

Good job for both parent and child. I really liked the penguin's resting place in the front room. The bedroom looks so clean and Baby looks content with the results. Little does he know the hard work of the REST OF THE STUFF.

sally said...

Good idea. I love the idea of punishment. Jay and I are thinking of making the laundry room back into a small bedroom. So what exactly did baby do?