Foodie review

These are unsolicited reviews from my children about dinner earlier this week.

from cheekykitchen.com
Earlier this week I made this pizza. It was to die for. I didn't make it up cuz I never do, I'm not that creative. But give me a good recipe and I can usually follow it as long as it's not too complicated. I got this recipe from my favorite cupcake lady and you can find it here. I've tried quite a few recipes from her and they are all to die for.

But this night I made this pizza. I had to tailor it to fit my children. Or in other words I didn't put the veggies on their half of the pizza. But they liked it!

I got rave reviews. Here are some of their comments:

  • Do they make this pizza anywhere else cuz I've never had anything so good!
  • Can you make this again?
  • This is better than any pizza I've EVER had
  • You should open a restaurant!

I may not make a lot of things my kids like but when they like something they let me know!


Urban Parks said...

That is one good looking pizza. I may have to put my stamp of approval on it too.

quilts and quirks said...

The pizza does look mighty good!