The Rapture

This last weekend was supposed to be the Beginning of the End with the Rapture taking place on Saturday. Thank goodness it didn't because it would have ruined Sister's Weekend.

Tonight I stuck my memory card from my camera into my computer so I could download all my Sister's Weekend pictures. There were none on the card. I panicked. 

"Olaf! I took a bunch of pictures this weekend and they're all gone! What happened?

"Umm, I think you downloaded them last night."

"No, I was too tired."

"Why don't you just check."

So I did. Guess what? He was right. As I looked through them I proceeded to tell him about the pictures.

"You told me that last night." he said.

"No I didn't."

So he gave me the narration I gave him last night. Apparently I was/still am a Little Tired.

We started out by taking a 3 Hour Cruise. It would have been our luck that the Rapture would have happened then and the Captain would have been raptured and we would have been stuck on an island. So, thank goodness the Rapture didn't happen. I wasn't prepared to live Gilligan's life.

The cruise was pretty awesome. We cruised the Bay area and basically it was a Military Tour since that's most of what is up and down the Bay. My boys are going to love that next time we're in the area.

But we did cruise by this awesome old sign.

And there were several sailboats and kayakers out. Crazy People. There are big ships in the Bay and it wouldn't take much for them to get run over.

At one point an F-18 Hornet took off and flew right over out heads. I lost my hearing.

When the cruise was over we went to Coronado Island, which really isn't an island, it's more of a peninsula. The island is covered in beautiful old houses. At this point the weather was so beautiful and the town was so incredible I started texting Olaf that I wasn't coming home. Ever. It also has this beautiful famous old hotel. Gorgeous. And the beach was covered in fine white sand. It's the kind of sand they use in Beach Love Scenes. I've never been on a beach where the thought of lovemaking in the sand seemed even remotely romantic.

Apparently someone else thought the sand was worthy of romance.

Here's some of the Party climbing on rocks. Thank goodness no one fell off into the Ocean, it's on the other side. We were careful and scooted off the rocks like a three-year-old.

And then we found this pub with $3 pizza slices. We were hungry and stopped in. The waitress started her spiel by telling us it was Happy Hour. Not to exciting to a bunch of Mormon girls. Then she proceeded to tell us that all appetizers were half price! That elicited a huge sound from this crowd. And she finished by telling us that pizza slices were $2! Another round of Ooohs and Aaahs! We were served an insane amount of food for $40.

The next day we started out in Old Town San Diego. Here I am sitting on an old tree in the second oldest graveyard in San Diego. I think the Haunted Tour stops here at night. Don't expect to see me there after dark.

And we found the Sheriff's museum. Here's Sister Accountant with a sweet, standard-issue, Salmon-colored Police car.

That night we went to La Jolla Cove for the sunset. But the clouds had returned. So we had to be satisfied with beautiful cliffs, flowers, beaches, rocks, seals, and noisy sea lions. Even though there was no sunset it was a beautiful evening.

And we rounded off the night with a quick stop at the San Diego Temple. I couldn't believe how beautiful it is. The glass work is amazing.

My last morning we went South to the Border. But we didn't cross it. We took The Very Last US Highway Exit. The fence behind the outlet stores? It's the Border. When we left we encountered signs such as the following:

I wanted to go home, so we didn't turn left.

I flew home and returned in the middle of a rain storm. Thank You Utah. You know how to make a girl wish she had missed her flight. Forever.


Urban Parks said...

What an awesome trip! A whole lot of husbands would have been distraught had all you girls stayed in San Diego. I suspect you are already plNning to contact your congressman to ensure David & Krissie never get transferred! Or better yet that they only get transferred to beautiful ocean side towns (say southern Italy...), but not Jacksonville, NC.

quilts and quirks said...

This was a fantastic weekend. I loved it all, from the boat cruise to walking on the beach and finishing up with a night view of the San Diego temple. THANK YOU KRISSIE AND DAVID for hosting the week end.

denverallens said...

What a great idea dad, I'll start writing my congressman today! I'd say stay away from the base in Southern Italy. It's a little scary. But they could go to La Maddelena off the coast of Sardegna! Gorgeous! That was the best sisters weekend I've ever had and the best time I've had in years and years. Why would anyone want to live anywhere else???

denverallens said...

I have to keep going back to look at the photos again. Man that was a great weekend! Is it Sister's Weekend again yet?