Another Birthday Party

Remember this cute little rugrat visiting my house a little while ago?

Well when she heard about my Big Birthday Party she told her Mom to get my other sister in town and head down for the party. She did not want to miss. Well, it's a six hour drive and it's the middle of tax season, so the trip was not made. But Sister Accountant promised the next time they visited we would all celebrate my birthday.

So on Saturday we spent all day cooking this delicious cake as found here. It was delicious!

And I finally got to use these cool candles I picked up somewhere. They were tall and fun! The kids had a ball playing with them afterwards. I'm still finding them around my house.

On another note, I have leftover frosting in my fridge calling my name. I'm going to have to get rid of it somehow, other than eating it all. So if you want any come over and get some.


Lonita said...

Wow, that's quite the cake - and what a perfect excuse to have another celebration. Bonnie definitely adores you!

sally said...

I love that you can almost see her in the photo but it looks like she walked away so all we see if her arm. Too funny. I must of been pretty tired at this point because I really don't remember this photo being taken. The candles were great because all the little kids took them and put the candles in their slices and continued to sing happy birthday. I believe we found cake afterward and all frosting consumed!

denverallens said...

Love the cake! I love the candles too! Where do you find them that long?