Jeep Safari

No, we're not in Africa on Safari this weekend. These are pictures from my local McDonald's this past Friday morning. Jeeps galore!

Every Easter weekend there is a small thing called Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah. All you jeepers out there can quit squawking. It's not a little thing, it's a Big Thing! Uncle Copper will never have Easter weekend off because the town is overrun with people in Jeeps and every similar vehicle.

The whole week before Easter weekend there is a steady stream of cars pulling jeeps, RV's pulling jeeps, and people driving jeeps down Highway 6 to Moab. It's like Spring Break for Grown-ups, well, some are grown-up but I think most of them leave their maturity behind when they enter Moab. The locals in moab dread Jeep Safari. They stock up the week before and don't venture out for the whole weekend.

As we were leaving McDonald's I missed the best picture by about 30 seconds. All these jeeps in the parking lot were together in a caravan. They had just left and were all lined up at the stop light. I scrambled to get my camera out of my purse but the light turned green and they were gone before I could get a shot off. Here's hoping they have fun and no one falls off the Lion's Back.!

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Krissie said...

I was saying at that last picture that I would be so scared to do that but it looks way fun and D said that that's what they do to get their hum-v licenses!!! CRAZY FUN!!!