Dinner Time!

Baby's best friend lives across the street from us. They've been friends since they were born. They both feel like either house is theirs and they both have two moms.

Baby's BFF often eats dinner at our house. I don't mind at all because he LOVES all my food. When everyone in this household is whining and crying that I'm cooking again and not taking them out to eat he is sitting at the table gobbling up their portion plus his.

But for some reason he surprised me last week. We had eaten dinner and Baby was headed out to play. His BFF came over to get him. He walked in the back door. He looked at the remnants of dinner sitting at the table. Then he looked at me with this incredibly hurt Why-Didn't-You-Call-Me-For-Dinner look on his face.

It was priceless. I couldn't resist. I asked, "Would you like some tacos?" As you can see we had absolutely nothing fancy for dinner, good ol' easy tacos, a staple at this house.

A look of relief flooded his face as he bounded across the room and plopped down in a chair. While Baby started playing he sat and ate dinner.


denverallens said...

That's so cute! Calvin used to eat everything I made, even when everyone else was whining. Makes you feel pretty good@

sally said...

I need a kid like that in my neighborhood. My kids refuse to eat what I made and complain. Ok Chas ate the noodles last night but not the chickpeas.

quilts and quirks said...

Every mother needs a child that will come into her house and eat dinner. It does wonders for our feelings.