Glorious Spring Break

This year, Spring Break landed on Easter weekend. We've never had any days off around Easter. So this year we headed to Sunny Las Vegas. And I'm so glad we did because at home they woke up to several inches of snow on Easter and for several days afterwards.

While everyone at home was wrapped up in their flannel jammies, we were eating Easter Dinner on the patio.

The Eater Bunny even thought about hiding eggs in the yard, but decided there were too many thorns in the yard. So the Easter bunny just hid them at Grandma and Grandpa's house. The kids had a good time finding them all over.

The day after Easter was Olaf's 40th birthday. Since we weren't home and I couldn't throw him a big party with all his friends, I took him on a Mob Tour of Las Vegas. Lesson learned: The Mob is really Mean and Violent, don't join. But a monument was placed behind the Flamingo hotel and it's the only monument to a Mobster in the whole US.

Earlier that day we went to the International Boy Scout Museum, also in Vegas. I told Baby to pose like he was looking at stuff and he struck this pose. While I'm sure he thinks it's akin to The Thinker, I think it makes him look like a monkey.

Here's the whole family including my Mom. And Flat Stanley. He's going back to California in a few days so he went on vacation with us.

Then we headed to Arizona to visit my Bestest Friend and family. I've never been in Arizona, other than the airport, which doesn't really count. So I enjoyed watching the countryside.

Loved the numerous Joshua trees and Saguaro cactuses.

My friend has a pool. So my boys didn't waste any time jumping in the water even though it wasn't quite 80 outside. The Arizonans still feel like it's too cold to swim, but my boys, still in the throes of Winter back home, thought it was plenty warm.

We headed to Tombstone. The Rowdiest town in the West!

Here's my and my Friend with a Man from the Past. I think he was headed to the Bird Cage Theater to cause a ruckus.

We stopped at the Boot Hill Graveyard. The graves were all covered with rocks. Once I explained to the kids what was under the rocks they quit trying to climb all over the rocks.

There were a few tombstones with entertaining epitaphs.

And we finally found the Birdcage Theater. The most Haunted Building in the US. Next time I come to town I'm taking the Haunted Tour of Tombstone. Plenty of people died here, I should see at least one ghost.

Then we headed to Kartchner Caverns. They found the bones to a sloth so we had to get a picture of the fake sloth at the visitor's center. Love extinct beasts.

Here's the kids climbing all over one of the stalagmites. But this one isn't real, it's fake and in the visitor's center. They are very careful inside the cave to keep it living. Yes, Mother Earth is real.

We have been having so much fun on our trip. It'll be sad to go home in a few days. But Tank will be glad to see us!


Lonita said...

Looks like you guys are having a great time! Between the Mob tour and the Tombstone tour, your kids should be well-schooled in the art of defense...

sally said...

It looks like a great time. I'm glad you got to eat dinner on the porch, it's sounds wonderful.

quilts and quirks said...

Thanks so much for visiting Donna, we loved it. It was wonderful it was on Easter.

Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...

FUN!!! And WARM!!!!!

denverallens said...

Looks like you guys are having so much fun! That sounds like a great trip! I'd take the haunted tour too!

Urban Parks said...

Way too much fun. But, glad you are having it.