Birthday's Galore

Grandpa recently threw a Big Birthday Party for Olaf's Mom. It was her 39th birthday again. Now Olaf has surpassed his own Mother in years. Sometimes it's a good thing that most people don't understand math.

Grandpa had the party at a swanky reception center. It was a lovely dinner and everyone had a wonderful time. For some reason I don't have a picture of Grandma's cake but I couldn't' resist several pictures of Olaf's cake.

See, it was his 40th birthday and we were out of town all around the big day. So Grandpa added a small cake for Olaf to honor his birthday. Grandpa came up with the decorations all by himself. So ingenious and original!

But I got the best laugh out of the women's bathroom. I walked in and noticed the placement of the large oval mirror and busted a gut.

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sally said...

Were you able to go the bathroom? I'm not sure I would be able to while staring at myself.