It's the End of the World as We Know It

2012 recently came out on DVD. Olaf and I saw it with my siblings at Thanksgiving time. We left all the kids home and had a date night. It was a fun movie. Lots of action! So, when I saw that it was coming out on DVD I asked my kids if they wanted to see it.

Baby wasn't as thrilled to see it as I expected. When I asked him why he gave me a really good answer that I wasn't expecting.

"Mom, I don't really like End of the World movies. They're kind of scary to me. I'm still Little you know!"


Lonita said...

Does he think the end of the world will involve Zombies somehow? :-)

sally said...

I love that he reminds you that he is still little.

Urban Parks said...

Actually, he was cute to watch. He didn't want to watch it, but he didn't leave the room. He would watch, get scared, play his computer, watch, scared, computer, and on and on.