The Visitors

This weekend my Sister came to visit! Her Hubby had Scout stuff going on so he dropped her off at my house on his way. Her and three little kids, the oldest being four.

Here's Sister Accountant and her Baby. So Adorable and Squishable. Almost makes me want to bear another child. Thank goodness I'm much too old for that.

Here's her oldest girl. She is sweet. And spicy. She sure has a fun personality.

This little boy is smack in the middle of two girls. He was so fat when he was little that you couldn't keep your hands off of him. He also had the most infectious laugh. He would laugh so hard that you had to make him stop because he sounded like he was going to explode. Such a joyful sound.

He loved the dusty exercise ball. It provided hours of entertainment with him rolling it all over the room.

They also taught my dog new tricks. That squeezable boy left a half eaten doughnut on the top of the picnic table. It took a few minutes for Tank to muster the courage needed, but he jumped up on the table and ate it. Then after a few minutes of looking and testing he figured out how to jump down. Now our food isn't safe!

I introduced these kids to old Scooby Doo movies. They can't get enough. He decided he wanted to watch this one all by himself. He kicked his sister out of the way, turned the tv, and laid on the hearth three inches from the tv and watched the movie.

She is just fun. She crawled all over. So we had to keep her away from the stairs. And the doors. And the running kids cuz cousins from the other side were over playing too. It was quite a successful weekend as all the kids got along fabulously and had a ball and kept out from under my feet.

And Sunday morning Sister Accountant's Baby woke up my Baby. He didn't mind at all. He loves babies, especially his cousins.

We all had so much fun that I'm going to bed early tonight!


Lonita said...

Such cute pics - glad you guys had so much fun. Congrats to Tank on his successful quest to get the donut!

denverallens said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun! The kids are absolutely adorable! Do you think our kids were that cute when they were little? They just seemed like a lot of work!

sally said...

Jeni, there is definetly a reason that we have sibblings not bearing kids when we have kids. I know your & Donna's kids were incredibly adorable. You are so right that they just feel like a lot of work. You can ask Donna, I was so exhausted (I think between the two of us we downed an entire 12 pack of diet coke on Saturday). Today I'm dragging so bad from having a ton of fun and maybe getting 5 hours of sleep three nights in a row.

quilts and quirks said...

What cute pictures. What a fun weekend. Charlotte has such a serious face when getting her picture taken.