Calvin's Cabinet

Today we took the boys over to the cabinet shop. Since the cabinet guy is a friend of Olaf's friend he said we could help build the cabinet for the Junior High. (yes, our town is not so small and we have graduated to the second level of separation or whatever it is called. Instead of knowing everyone in town anymore, everyone knows someone you know.) So the boys went over and started sanding. I sure hoped he sanded the boards before the boys! They both had littlish sanders and were sanding away but were having more fun than anything. When Middle Child tried out Baby's sander he was amazed, "It moves all by itself," and then he let go and watched it run across the wood! I seriously think that kid has no common sense some days. At least no big gouges were made so we just sanded that area a little more than the rest.

After everything was sanded and dusted he set them to staining. He got them some small rags and dipped them in the stain. Then he pulled the dripping rags out and showed the boys how to push the rags into the grooves and then run over the top when the grooves were good and stained. The boys had quite a bit of fun. Who wouldn't with dripping rags full of stain? Of course a few pieces of clothing were ruined, but most everyone was dressed for the occasion. I noticed Baby had stain marks all over his arm. Middle Child had dust marks on his face where he had scratched himself while sanding. They were both quite comical looking.

The boys had a good time helping out with "Calvin's Cabinet." It'll be nice when it's done and hung. I'll post some pictures of the finished product for you all to admire my children's amazing staining ability.


denverallens said...

It sounds like the boys had a great time! I'm so glad! What a nice guy to let them get in and dirty when it would have been easier to do it himself. Spanish
Fork has good people!

mommybake said...

It sounds like it will be a nice cabinet!! And that the boys had fun!

quilts and quirks said...

What good brothers to help sand and stain the wood. Of course, it was very fun also. Doing things together. I'm sure Calvin was right there watching and laughing.

Urban Parks said...

It's really time to start carrying one of those tiny video cameras around to capture middle child. It could be the next underground movie emmy.