Random Happenings

  1. Discovered a RedBox movie sitting on top of the TV since last Saturday.
  2. My DVR can't tell the difference between "New" and "Rerun" and recorded about 10 iCarly shows for the kids. I took care of that series recording.
  3. Middle Child has been sent to clean his room every day for the past two weeks and the floor is no more visible than it was two weeks ago.
  4. Attempting to break Tank's habit of sleeping on sofa by leaning chairs against the front of it to no avail, he jumps over them and sleeps on the back cushions as if he were a princess.
  5. Ate out way too much this week, but looking forward to it tonight.
  6. Bought some soft and warm Acorn slippers for half price last night while Olaf was buying paintballs for his game today.
  7. When I told Baby to wash his face he replied, "I'm a Boy! I'm supposed to be dirty!" and he ran away to play with a friend.
  8. Actually worked out three times this week!
  9. It snowed and a lot of trees were damaged.
  10. Baby made cookies with Olaf's coworker last night and I ate most of them cuz they were delicious! I need that recipe! (I don't think the workouts counteracted the calories I ate.)
  11. I bought my first Paul Frank t-shirt. (I'm probably too old to wear it tho.)
  12. Left the truck out in the rain in a feeble attempt to get it clean. It doesn't rain hard enough here to wash a car.
  13. Reserved the campground for Girl's Camp this summer.
  14. Went to a beautiful roof-top wedding for a past co-worker. I wish her many happy years!
  15. Balanced the checkbook and I'm still in the black.
  16. Got all the laundry folded and put away. Helps when you don't do all the dirty laundry.
  17. Tanned in an effort to keep up with the Rock Star Wives. I'm failing miserably in that deparment, I just don't have it in me.
  18. Got to sleep in 15 minutes this week since the kids are on Spring Break and I don't need to get them up in the morning.
  19. Put in my first "Time Off" request for Sister's Weekend!

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Ferrara Family said...

I love random thoughts!!! Thanks for sharing :)
Oh and speaking of Girls camp - you should request me to JOIN you!!! I'm so bummed I'm released from YW's!