Last week Uncle Copper was up visiting. He was taking some drug classes. It was called "Domestic Drug something something." I was all like "Huh?" I asked him what they were teaching him. I thought maybe it was something about how to spot Husbands and Wives who Dealt/Made Drugs. Domestic violence is about violence in the home, so it made sense to me. But that's not the case. It's learning about how people use hotels and storage units and ride buses in order to traffic drugs. Then, the brilliant girl that I am, asked, "So, it's not about making drugs at home? That sound like it's everywhere but home. Where does the 'domestic' come in? Is it domestic because it's not at a work place? But, um, they don't traffic in drugs at stores so why the 'domestic'?" I'm totally clueless when it comes to drugs.

But the point of this story was we all went to dinner that night. The server asked what we were celebrating and we couldn't think of anything. But Uncle Copper and his boy, Sister-in-Law Nurse and her family, Grandma & Grandpa, and us, all went to dinner at the local Brick Oven. Uncle Copper left early because he had to pick up a girl. We were all a little curious because no one knew who she was. But when they showed up she happened to be a college-age daughter of a co-worker of Uncle Copper's. She was cute girl. And Middle Child had her attention the whole time.

He talked that poor girl's ear off! He was instilling all his witty, nonsensical knowledge on her poor unsuspecting ear. She was really cute and gave him her full attention. At the end of dinner I heard Middle Child discussing trading cell phone numbers with her so they could text. I'd say he was a bit smitten!

Somehow the movie Twilight came up in their discussion. She said she didn't watch the movie because she loved the books so much she didn't want the movie to ruin it. Middle Child piped in that he'd read the book.

"How old are you?" she asked.

"11!" he enthusiastically replied, trying to make her realize she's not that much older than him. Then he told her "I didn't like the books. They were kinda dumb."

"That's because you don't understand love yet, you're too young."

"I will on April 3rd," he replied.

"What's going on on April 3rd?" she asked.

Then he got that slightly embarrassed grin of realizing he had shared too much information. He clammed right up and then changed the subject, because that kid can't stay clammed up for more than about 30 seconds.

From the other end of the table Olaf and I had heard the whole conversation and burst into laughter. His school is having Maturation Class on April 3rd, Utah's sexless version of sex ed. That poor girl left completely confused about how Middle Child would learn about Love on April 3rd.


Lonita said...

Wow...I could hardly stop laughing when I read that one! You'll have to post a follow-up on how April 3 goes...

denverallens said...

How funny, because you learn all you need to about love in maturation!

mommybake said...

That is so funny!!

sally said...

Jay & I had a good laugh about this. Poor girl has no clue.

the HeartTongues said...

had some good chuckles reading this post! :) so amusing! i'm wondering now, how old was the girl??