Self Esteem Boost

I got my recent phone bill and I feel Wonderful! It was addressed to me, "Not-An-Idiot!" (If you remember I told you in the past how the phone company was calling me an idiot. It was so frustrating and demoralizing. You can read about it here.) I was so excited and this was such a boost to my self esteem that I'm thinking of changing it again. Sister-in-Law Farmer suggested I change it to something even more validating, "Most Beautiful and Fabulous Customer." I think I could have a little fun with this. Maybe every month I'll change it to something new. Then I'll probably forget I changed it and when I get the new bill in my inbox it will make my heart swell with happiness with the nice things the phone company has to call me. It could be a wonderful boost every month! I might run out of ideas so if you could give me a few suggestions that would be wonderful.


denverallens said...

When we moved to England I was fat and pregnant, yet the guards at the gate still called me 'love'. For weeks everytime they did it my heart swelled. It wasn't until after Sydney was born that I realized they said that to everyone, but I think they're onto something!

Krissie said...

That is a brilliant idea!

mommybake said...

Love it!

Lonita said...

Cool, I'm sister-in-law farmer? Sweet! "Love" is an excellent option (you could also go the Southern waitress route of "Hon" or "Honey") How about "the One we exist to serve"?

Urban Parks said...

I'm thinking "High Priestess of Home and Beyone..."


"Suave and sophisticated..."


"World's greatest all time mother"