The Last Easter Egg Hunt

A long time ago, before Baby was born (yeah, he's only a Baby in my eyes), we went to the Grandparents for Easter. In the past Grandma had always had an Easter Dinner that everyone attended and afterwards there was an Easter Egg Hunt for all the grandchildren and great-grandchildren. My two older boys loved it. They looked forward to it every year.

Grandma would always boil a couple dozen eggs. Then she would hide them in the yard before all the kids showed up. Olaf remembers doing this when he was a kid. I guess in years past some of the eggs hadn't been found so she resorted to making a list. She didn't want eggs turning up months later after they rotted and smelled to high heaven.

One year we headed up for Easter. We hadn't heard anything and didn't know if Grandma was doing a dinner. I think it was right after she had first been diagnosed with cancer and I knew she wasn't feeling great. But it was a good excuse to visit the grandparents, whom we all adored. When we showed up we found absolutely no extra cars in the driveway or on the street. That's ok, we weren't there to be entertained, we just wanted to see them.

We went in and visited with them and had a good time just sitting around. Grandma was in the kitchen with the two boys and I assumed she was just getting them ice cream, one of the staples at her house. But when I wandered in a little later I discovered her boiling eggs! I guess the boys had asked why there wasn't an egg hunt. Being the entertaining kind of Grandma that she was, she went to boiling eggs. After they had cooled she hid them while the boys waited in the house. The boys were so excited to get one last Easter Egg Hunt at their Grandmas. And this hunt was just for them, they didn't have to share their Grandma, or eggs, with anyone this time.


MotocrossMom said...

Thanks for sharing this story! Last night, as Chad and I were hiding the eggs around the house for the boys at 1 A.M., I was reminiscing about these same memories of Easter at Grandma's house. I think of grandma all the time, but I especially miss her on the certain holidays which she made so special.

mommybake said...

I love memories!!

denverallens said...

that is so sweet. sounds like a kind of tradition all grandparents should start up, don't you think??

sally said...

She is one of the best Grandmas. I even remember getting ice cream at her house! Those really are some of the best memories every. This year Jay asked why I wasn't hiding the colored boiled eggs and I said there's no chocolate inside so why would I bother. I guess next year I will be hiding boiled eggs.