Who's the Bad Guy?

Growing up my Mom always told me not to marry an oldest child since I was an oldest. She said their personalities will not mesh at all. But, despite her best warning, I married an oldest child. And somehow we make it work for us. But even though we are both oldest children, I'm the only one that really acts like it. But I don't know if it's the Oldest Child or Mother in me coming out when I parent.

I don't know if anyone else has this problem but it seems as though I am the bad guy! I am the one that is always grounding the kids, I'm the one giving them chores to do, I'm the one making them finish their supper, I'm the one sending them to bed at night, all the while Olaf is playing with them. Don't take this the wrong way, I get to spend fun time with my children too. But I am the one who makes them do things, usually against their will.

Just the other day I was out and about and the children were home with Olaf. I called to check up on something, which is something I usually abhor. If I am out, I am out! and I better not be bothered by "Baby's changing the TV station!" "Middle Child's bugging me!" "Baby ate my treat!" "Middle Child grounded me!" (All of these are true stories and some of the lesser infractions that were tattled to me while I was trying to forget I was a parent for a few minutes of bliss.) But when I called home I asked Olaf if he had made the children do something and of course he hadn't. I asked him to "Please have them do that before I get home! Please!" I'm sure I even offered some rewards for his getting it done before I got home. His reply was "But Baby's making me take him to lunch." I gave that disgusted sigh and asked "Who's the parent here?"

Even when I'm not home I'm the bad guy.


denverallens said...

We are always the bad guy.

mommybake said...

I don't think it is the oldest child coming out in you - but DAD coming out in ALL of us!! When we want something done - we mean NOW - not in the distant future - but NOW!!! And our husbands and children know this - but LOVE to bug us this way:)!!

Urban Parks said...

Oh good. I'm the bad guy! I have to admit a few of my more admirable traits probably rubbed off on you kids. But, what you did with them was all you! Oh, and I am the oldest child.

curlygirl said...

IT'S GENETIC! I deal with the same thing here as far as the Dad situation goes. And I'm the bad guy in our house. But I'm sure you already knew that! :)