I Need Some Popcorn

Sister Quilter called me the other day to tell me she had FINALLY seen Quantum of Solace. It's about damn time; I seriously have no clue as to what took her so long. She saw Twilight opening weekend and it wasn't half as good. I was excited, "Wasn't it great!?! Did you just love it or what?"

She paused and kind of laughed, "Yeah, um, I didn't really like it."

"What? How could you not like it?" I was stunned. Seriously, how could you not like it?

"Well, it just went from chase scene to chase scene. And there really wasn't any plot, they just kept chasing people."

"There was to a plot. And of course there's a lot of action, it's James Bond."

"It was like those other movies, um. . .what are they called. . .I can't remember."

I knew exactly what she was talking about, "The Bourne movies?"

"Yeah! It was like 'They're jumping through another window?'"

"Those were great movies, full of action. You just can't blink or you'd miss something!"

"Well, I just don't love those as much as you."

Yeah, I know. She likes chick flicks, which I don't really enjoy all that much. All that sentimental mushy stuff is nauseating. You can always count on James Bond for some serious action and just enough romance to soften the story line a little bit. I seriously don't know how she came from the same parents as I did. Except for the family resemblance you might think she was adopted.

P.S. I'll still love you Sister Quilter!


Lonita said...

Tim wanted to let you know he just got Quantam of Solace in Blu-Ray and invites you over to watch it. :-) He's like a kid on Christmas w/ the new TV and Blu-Ray player.

Donna said...

I'm so there! Can't talk Olaf into getting a new tv, I've just gotta wear him down. It'll take a couple of years, maybe I can break the old tv. . .

denverallens said...

We went and saw "fast and furious" last night. That was full of action, on the edge of my seat, coving my eyes action and I loved it. Maybe my brain (or what passes for one) can't get around the intricate storyline of a James Bond movie or Bourne. Who knows, I loved last nights movie!!!!