Last night Tank was acting a little strange. Usually he goes to bed at night soon after the boys. But last night he was so antsy. He kept pacing back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. And he would stop at the back door. And then he would stop at the garage door. I'd let him out and after about 1 minute I would hear him whining at the door to be let back in again. He was driving me crazy! I'm used to him being asleep like the boys. I'm not accustomed to him roaming the house after bedtime.

After letting him out three or four times I told him I wasn't letting him out anymore. You'd think he could understand me. But he didn't. He kept stopping at the doors. Finally Olaf let him into the garage. He thought it was odd that Tank wanted in the garage, he's never done that before. He ran right into the garage and started sniffing all around. A couple seconds later he started barking with a vengeance. Something must have gotten in the garage and was tormenting him.

Olaf hoped it was a badger or porcupine or skunk. Thankfully it wasn't a skunk! I figured ThunderCat was in our garage again. He is an adorable cat that adopted our corner, specifically Dave across the street. And as much as I don't like cats this one is really sweet. So I wanted to save the poor kitty. I started to open the garage door and quickly Olaf hollered "Tank'll get out if you open the garage!" I realized he was right and I didn't want to chase him in the cold and dark, so I shut it. But I didn't want the kitty to be stuck in there all night. So I just opened the door a little, enough for ThunderCat to get out but not Tank.

Finally, we made Tank come back in. I was going to bed and didn't want him out barking anymore. This morning the first thing he wanted was back in that garage. Olaf let him in and he sniffed all over but couldn't find anything. He was a little disappointed and went out in the backyard to see if he could bark at any birds or stray cats roaming the field. Poor Tank was a little disappointed at his chance to be a Real African Dog.


Ferrara Family said...

Gotta love it!!!

Krissie said...

That's funny! That's how Stella and Moose are when a new animal comes into our backyard.

denverallens said...

Good thing it wasn't my Jake! He's almost as big as Tank and much meaner. He LOVES to put dogs in their place!