Boomer Loves Us

The Best thing about Boomer the Basset Hound is his ears! They are so floppy! He loves to ride in the back of the truck and let his ears fly in the wind. He always gets looks and comments from people driving behind us. It is just so fun!

Then his eye are next! Our friend says he always looks like he's come off a hard night of drinking. He just looks so saaad all the time that you can't help but pet him every time he looks at you.

Then every now and then he howls! It's just so fun to hear him howl at a bug in the grass or a fellow dog walking by. And when we leave him home by himself for an overnight trip he gets mad! He actually BARKS at you when you shut the door. Last time he banged into some things and knocked something off the counter in the garage. I didn't dare look! I just ran out the front door laughing and crying.

The bestest thing yet is his love for his boys. They are his world, his joy, his happiness. He greets them at the door and wags his tail and waits for his loves. Thank goodness, two years later, the boys still love him. The other morning as Middle Child was sitting on the sofa, Boomer the Basset Hound laid on his side under the human legs above. He reached one paw up and touched the back of one of the calves. Middle Child grinned, reached down and patted BtBH. BtBH laid there for a moment and then reached up again and tapped the back of one of MB's calves. MB grinned again, reached down and patted BtBH for a moment. After another minute BtBH reached up and pawed the back of MB's calf. MB grinned and patted him again. This went on for over five minutes. They were both loving the fact that the other one wanted their attention! The boys and the dog have such a wonderful relationship.

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Krissie said...

Boomer is an awesome dog. I won't forget when I came with Moose and they were playing and you were like, I've never heard Boomer make these noises before! It was so funny!