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I've been learning a few things about Calvin that I didn't know before. I didn't know that he used to sneak in his friends' houses to tease them. One time a friend's mom even called his cell phone cuz she thought he was still there and knew he liked to hide in her house. He innocently claimed he was at his own home. Turns out he was hiding under his friend's bed! After this story at the funeral a few other friends told me that he had tried to sneak into their houses to scare them also. Another mom told me he would sneak in and get food out of basement. Technically that would not only be breaking and entering but theft also. She found him more than once in the basement eating a bottle of peaches, his favorite.

Everyone that knows him has fed him! I thought that I provided plenty of food, but apparently not. I knew he was always hungry, but I had no idea how hungry. I thought I had done a pretty good job of providing food. When the congregation got together Sunday night to talk about him and all their feelings the bishop, our congregational leader, started by asking "Who has fed Calvin?" Everyone raised their hands!

I also learned about Calvin's dove hunt he went on several years ago with one of his best friends. The dad dropped them off at one end of the field and went to the other to wait for them. Part way across the field they shot a dove. They were so excited! When they came upon the dove, it was still alive. The two boys were saddened and couldn't finish the job. The dad saw them standing in the middle of the field and finally went to check on them because they were taking so long. He found them looking on sadly at the poor bird and had to finish the job for the young softies. This dad was always looking out for Calvin and coached him in many sports. He was wonderful. When they heard the news and his son said something about crying a little, he replied, "It's okay to cry A LOT."

A few years ago my Mom was visiting. When it got time to go my boys didn't want her to leave. So Calvin hid her suitcase! I must have known about this at the time but I had completely forgotten about it! All my sisters and sisters-in-law mentioned how Calvin loved to push my buttons. More than once he would say to them 'Watch this!" And then he would come up to me and say something to bug me. Of course, I would fly off the handle and he'd get in trouble. But then, unbeknownest to me, he would grin at them and say "Told ya!" I knew he liked to push my buttons but had no idea he had so much fun with it!

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Tim said...

I am so glad you are posting your thoughts and memories. It is tough to read and I find myself crying a little more but it is helping me in the grieving process. I love you so much and wish I could still be there to cry, laugh, and live like we did Tuesday night as a family.