If I was Feeling Lonely

Wednesday after school, our Baby got a phone call. Not from his best friend, he was already here. Or his other best friend, but one of Calvin's best friends growing up. He wanted to come over and play xbox with Baby. I thought "How sweet!" He came over and they got to work in the basement killing bad guys and having fun.

Then about 15 minutes later three girls came over, one of them happened to be one of Calvin's best friends. She is the cutest tomboy. She would always round up the neighborhood for a game of football in her grandpa's backyard. (She confided in me how recently they had been hiding behind some bushes and were throwing little plastic army men onto passing car's windshield.) They were hanging out talking to me and discovered the other friend in the basement. So they went downstairs to play with Baby and friend.

Then two more boys came over and hung out in the basement with everyone else.

Olaf came home and took a phone call. 'Is M here?" he asked me all perplexed.

"Oh yeah, there's a bunch of Calvin's friends in the basement playing with Baby," I nonchalantly replied.

"What? I'm gonna cry. That is so sweet of them to play with him." he replied, stunned that there were teenagers in our house again.

Baby loved the attention. He has always loved Calvin's friends and the attention they give him. He thinks of them as friends, just like anyone his age. It was good for them to play with him. It was nice to have rowdy teenagers in the house again, even tho it's infrequently going to happen. Those kids might keep me from being lonely and missing the teenagers.


sally said...

That is just so sweet. As usual it made me cry. Ugh I hate the state I'm in. I mean physically because I do love Idaho.

Krissie said...

Those teenagers are so sweet and they love your family. Calvin had great friends and I'm glad they are able to help out and not leave Baby feeling lost at this time.

Lonita said...

That's so cool - sounds like Calvin had a great group of friends.

Potter Fam said...

How amazing that kid that age are that in tune with sorrow, and so in tune with the needs of others. That says a lot about the character of those kids and I will be amazed if they don't grow up to great adults and leaders. The parents should be congratulated on raising such good kids. and REALLY good kids...wow. i'm still amazed. I'm glad Calvin had friends like that. It must make you feel good, knowing you were doing something right for him to choose such loyal friends.

MotocrossMom said...

Every time I think that this next generation of kids is so spoiled and bratty, I hear something like this that totally redeems them.

Dallas is one phone call, text, or email away next time you get the urge for (pre) teens in your house - I will jump in the car and we can be there in 30 minutes. Dallas is always available to come eat your food, play your video games and just generally terrorize your house and all the occupants within.
I was blown away last week when watching the Spanish Fork football team and the TV announcer said that this game was dedicated to Calvin Hansen - then it showed all the players with CW on their wrists. I hope you got a chance to see it, or someone recorded it for you. What a legacy Calvin has left on everyone's hearts...