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Today was the first day without a million people around. Technically, yesterday was, but today the only people left were parents. It's the last day the kids will be home from school. Grandma took them to lunch and the movie. They sure are getting spoiled! Olaf & I ran some errands and he had an appointment with the plastic surgeon to make sure he was healing well. Everything went well. We got everything on our list completed except some items that were under the heading, 'Any Time.' I felt like we accomplished quite a bit today. I also felt it! I am so tired this evening that I'm ready for bed NOW.

The past week has been a roller coaster. I will write about it over the next few posts. All I can say for now is that I have never ever been the recipient of such an outpouring of love. Pure, Unadulterated, Perfect, Complete, Selfless, LOVE. It has been an incredible and exhausting experience. I had no idea my child had touched so many peoples lives and I had absolutely no idea that so many people cared about us. Our families alone were wonderful and the community support we have been shown has been so incredible that I can't begin to describe the love shown. Words would only downplay the experience I have had over the last week.

I will probably not keep the countdown going everyday, but for those looking forward to the movie, including me, here is an attempt to make up for the last while.

22 Days To Go!


mommybake said...

I am happy to see your countdown on today:)

And I am glad that Olaf's apointment went well!

Love you!

denverallens said...

Donna, sounds like you had a good day. I'm so glad. I'm also happy to see the countdown back in action! I'm going to fly into SLC sometime in February with Holly. She'll go see her fam and I'll go see mine. I'll let you know more when the time gets closer. You're awesome! Love you all!

sally said...

nice countdown photo. I am glad we were able to be of some support. The love and friendship Calvin has is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Dear Donna, Chris and Boys, Just to let you know that time does heal but sometimes it is a long time. I have thought about you all so much these past days and my heart hurts for all of you. Your faith, family and friends will get you through the days, months and years to come. I love reading your blog and the strength that you have shows in what you have written the past days. Keep it up as helps to tell how you feel.
My love and prayers, Great Aunt Marge

the HeartTongues said...

I'm glad you sound like you are doing OK. That's wonderful of you to look at the good in this face of this IMMENSELY DIFFICULT trial. I have been a bit surprised to find out who else in my life has a connection to you. You and your guys are AWESOME!!!

Krissie said...

Hey, I'm glad you got a lot done yesterday. David and I are so glad we could come and do anything for you guys. We miss you guys already! I love you!