It's the Little Things That Count

Olaf was out walking the other day and one of Calvin's best friends came running out to tell him that the night before (Oct. 23) the High School Football Team had all painted 'CH' on their calves for the game that night. Not only that but several of them came through the viewing line in their full uniform and brought us a football the whole team had signed. It was so sweet and thoughtful.

I found out that the night before that the Junior High Choir had sung a song in his memory at their concert. The parents said they did a great job but had a hard time getting through this song.

Calvin was the last group to go to Middle School in 6th grade. Then they split the group up into two different Junior Highs the next year and half his friends were in the other school. The first day of school after the accident the kids from the other Junior High who remembered Calvin all dressed up in white shirts and ties for school in remembrance of him.

We are still getting several cards a day from friends and family. This whole tragedy has really struck a chord with a lot of people who have lost loved ones. It's amazing how many people have lost immediate family members. The hardest ones to read are from Calvin's friends. They loved him so much and tell us how happy and nice he was to everyone. They tell us how we must be great parents to have such a wonderful son (don't tell them the truth!). They tell us how much Calvin loved his family and his little brothers.

I'm just so thankful that Calvin is such a good kid and that so many people loved him and that he was able to touch so many people's lives. It really helps to know that he lived such a happy life.


Krissie said...

That is really awesome how the football team all had CH's painted on their calves and how the choir sang a song for Calvin. He lived a good and happy life with great parents!

Ferrara Family said...

A week ago Tuesday at our Conference Bowl actvity we divided up the youth into two teams after the game was over we all rallied together and said that it was won in memory of Calvin. He truly touched each and everyone of the Meadowlark 2nd ward youth and leaders lives. You raised an exceptional son!!!
And yes you and Chris are amazing and wonderful parents.

denverallens said...

That's totally awesome. You really have tons of people who love you and your family.