The other night I got ready for bed. I pulled out my big exercise ball, laid back on it, put my feet against the wall, cuz they're always slipping, and tried to do a sit up. OUCH! I couldn't move at all! I rolled off laughing at myself! I'm still sore, what in the hell made me think I could do a sit up on a ball which is hard enough when I don't have any bruises or soreness!

For everyone's watching pleasure:
16 Days Left!
I love the scary castle in the background. Is there any way they can bump it to Halloween? I sure would be happy about that at least!


sally said...

Yeah with the latest turn of events with my belly there will be NO situps for at least 12 months here. I can't wait to go see this movie with you and scream like I always do! It's going to be so fun. By the way all us McLean Idahoans love your family!!

Petit Elefant said...

Exercise? What were you thinking?!