That Pioneer Woman

I clicked on the Confessions of a Pioneer Woman blog yesterday and was absolutely amazed! She had only posted 44 minutes earlier. She was giving away 3, count them:

3; Three; Two+One; Five-Two; 137-134;

gift cards to Wally World at $250 each. Within 44 minutes she had already had over 1000 comments in an attempt for people to win the gift cards! I was in absolute shock that she had so many readers. I didn't even bother to enter. Even tho there were 3 cards, my favorite number, I didn't even try. I can't win contests when there's less than 100 comments, what would make me think I could win that one. I checked her blog today. There were almost 12,000 comments!!! Talk about absolutely crazy!

On a completely different tangent, Olaf brought home a remote control car tonight. Boomer the Basset Hound is hiding in the other room! Baby is excited!


sally said...

Kind of crazy huh. I thought about entering but when I looked there were over 3,000 entries. No chance.

mommybake said...

Well girls, I entered:) Not that I will win - but why not?!?