The other morning I took Baby to his 9am Basketball game. I left the others home sleeping, cuz I'm that kind of awesome Mom and Wife. During the first quarter I got a call from Olaf.

"Are we doing anything today?" he asked.

"Uummm, not that I can think of. Why?"

"Middle Child's friend called and wants to take him to the zoo. I had to give him a hard time when he called. He asked for Middle Child and I told him he wasn't here, he was at his girlfriend's house. All he said was OK. Then I said, 'Middle Child doesn't have a girlfriend and I wouldn't let him spend the night anyway! What kind of Dad do you think I am?' and he replied 'A weird Dad.'"

"Well, sounds like he's got you pegged."


quilts and quirks said...

Oh, I can just see Chris saying this, also. zGood day for Clayton and the whole family. Don't we all want a day to just goof off.

sally said...

That is too funny. I hate it when I try to make a joke and the kids don't get it.