The Valentine

At my kids' Elementary School the kids can buy valentines for others. The only reason I even know this is because Calvin's class was in charge of selling them when he was in 4th grade. He had fun selling and getting the valentines ready. Middle Child had the same teacher but never once mentioned this activity, even though I know they did it too. They are such different boys. Well, he had a crush on a girl. And she is a cute girl. He had it bad for her for the whole year. Bad enough that he even bought her a Valentine. And not the cheap ones but the more expensive one, $0.50, big money. He had such a crush on her that he had to see if she bought Valentines for anyone. Guess what! She bought him a Valentine. And she only bought three other Valentines, total. (He checked the records to see how many she bought.) He was on Cloud 9! I should have known at this point that he was gonna be a Ladies Man.

But I didn't have a clue.


Urban Parks said...

Are you kidding. I figured that out before he was 2! He's always hanging with the aunts and grandmas and thinks the uncles and grandpas are just for money!

Lonita said...

How cute! And a 50 cent Valentine, too - now that's fancy. That reminds me, better frisk Joshua before daycare this morning to make sure he's not bringing any treats in for the little girls.

denverallens said...

That is cute! Only in Utah could you buy the expensive valentine and have it cost 50 cents! That made me laugh more than anything! Happy Valentines Day Donna!

Midwestern gone Idahoan said...

How funny!! Danny asked me the other day before we went to his pirate party if I was going to stay with him the whole time. Me thinking that he was worried that I might leave him - told him that I would be with him the whole time.

A, Mom, Could you leave me alone for a few minutes. I might want to kiss a girl!!!!!!!!
Hubby said that he is my son!!!

I told him that pirates don't kiss girls!!