A New Bostaf for the Baby

Baby's birthday was just yesterday. He turned nine. I'm not quite sure how that happened. I forbid him to grow any more a couple years ago. He just keeps defying my commands. But on his birthday four years ago he got this awesome uniform. He was so excited.

And then this year they changed a few things at the studio. Now he gets to learn how to use a Bostaf. He went to a special class to learn about Bostaf safety. I know they're trying to teach the kids to not whack each other with them, but it's a nine-year-old boy. The next time Middle Child bugs him, I'm sure he'll whack him with his Bostaf. Because he got to pick out and I got to buy him his very own Bostaf. He was ecstatic. He brought it home the other day. He showed me some awesome moves with it and then I noticed a white label on the end. I went to peel it off, assuming it was the UPC code. But it wasn't. It was something much better.

It was a warning. All this time Karate instructors have been touting the benefits of Karate for children; it teaches discipline, attention, and self defense. But in all reality everyone else thinks that Karate is a High Risk Activity. Apparently Paralysis and Death can occur while using this product! I didn't know I bought him a magic wand? Hopefully he isn't struck dead the next time he picks it up for class.


sally said...

Happy Birthday Cole! I can't believe he is so big. I remember him toddling around at Tim's wedding and falling over because we walked by him too quickly. I can't wait till my kids get a hand on that bostaf - things could get ugly and quick.

MotocrossMom AKA Autumn H. said...

That is too funny! You need to post a picture of the Bo-staff.
Have the kids seen Napoleon Dynamite yet?

Lonita said...

Happy birthday, Cole! Can't wait to see pictures of the Bostaf in action - nice warning label!