Please Hurry!!!

I was driving down the street at the very beginning of January and look! On the street! Drumming up business already. Heaven help me. I don't know if I can drive while laughing this hard.

Now, usually there is only one Liberty Look-a-Like. But on this fateful day as I begged Middle Child to take a picture while I was driving by very slowly (slow enough that I hope they didn't mistake the camera for a gun and call the cops) there were TWO Mr. Liberty's hanging out! This picture can't even do it justice but the Mr. Liberty without a sign is dancing pretty hard. It's not even that cold, it's not like he needs to stay warm.

And they wanted MY business! He pointed right at us as we drove by. I have never understood what kind of person it takes to sign up for this job, but I know one of the qualifications is CRAZY!

I know I probably shouldn't judge,
the guy is employed in these hard economic times.
April 15th can't come soon enough.


denverallens said...

All I can think of when I see the last picture is "napolean dynamite". That is funny, we have them on every corner, but they're not as funny!

sally said...

Ours have been a little entertaining here but we all have little ceasers out on the corners. We have year round action.

Midwestern gone Idahoan said...

Danny saw one yesterday and he LOVES these people:)!! It is pretty funny!!