The Party

Olaf, being the awesomest hubby that he is, called me Tuesday morning and grounded me from facebook for a few days. Not because I was having a secret affair via facebook cuz we all know that doesn't work very well, everything on facebook is public. But he grounded me without any good reasons. And since my birthday was coming up I went along with it. He always likes to surprise me with things so I stayed off so I could be happily surprised.

He FINALLY came home from work Wednesday night and I said, "Where are we eating? I'm starving! I've been waiting and trying not to eat the house. Where are we going?"

Trying to be all casual and nonchalant he says, "We could go to Jaxie's, that's your favorite place in town."

"Let's go then! Everyone in the car!" and we were off.

We got there and the kids told us what they wanted and ran upstairs to watch TV, or so I thought. Olaf asked what I wanted and then sent me upstairs to watch them. So I headed upstairs. Just as I rounded the last bend I saw Baby poke his head around the corner, see me, duck back, and whisper loudly, "She's coming!" So I knew there was someone up there.

"Happy Birthday!!!!" From 30 or more people! It was so awesome that so many friends came and ate dinner and cake with me! And some people even brought presents! I don't expect presents from anyone but Olaf. It was so sweet of everyone!
This is me with my Pioneer Woman Cookbook, the only thing I really wanted for my Birthday. I should rephrase that, the only thing I wanted that was within the budget.

Here's Olaf's Scout Assistant helping the adorable little boy. He belongs to a good friend of mine who this guy doesn't know. But this little boy was so stinking cute, he was SO EXCITED for a Birthday Party! He kept running up to me and telling me Happy Birthday.

Here's the balloons another good friend put up for Olaf. He stalked her while she was at Mom2.0 until she finally told him she'd call him this week when she was back in the state. He begged her, "I don't know how to do this stuff, will you get balloons?"

Here are a bunch of my friends eating the delicious food of Jaxie's. Some had never been here before, but they all loved it!

Here are more friends visiting and hanging out. Enjoying the good food and deliciously decadent chocolate cake and ice cream.

Here's another pic of my friends. They're all the best! I think in this picture is one of Calvin's best friends that came. She'd be sitting near Middle Child cuz he was the only other person here that she knew. (Personally, she's braver than I ever was at that age!) I was so happy to see her here. I love his friends that I've gotten to know over the last year. They are all so great! A few of his other friends wanted to come but were swamped with homework.

My neighbor whose boys are the same age as Calvin and Baby and have been best friends with them since they were 2 and could play together. They are so cute and sweet. I love it when her older boy comes to get the younger one and he always hides and pretends he's not here. It makes him so mad!

Here's me visiting with some more good friends getting ready to leave. I told them thanks for coming and they said "Any chance to get out without the kids!" I laughed. They could have brought them, but I totally understand.

I'm reading my Big Birthday Card everyone signed with our bestest friends. They're the friends that are just like family. This guy here is so much like Olaf that we call them Twins, or Brothers from other Mothers, and other things I can't mention here.

Here's one of the decadent chocolate cakes. This one has almost black roses for the 40th Birthday. I asked about Oscar and Elmo. Middle Child said that Dad said they were appropriate. That was the only answer I got. The other cake was almost gone before we were 10 minutes into the party. It was also delicious.

These are a bunch of the cards I got from my family members and friends since they couldn't be here. All in All it was an awesome birthday! Turning 40 was easier than turning 30. Next year might be a different story.

Thank you to Everyone that came, called, facebooked, emailed, texted, and whatever else you did to wish me a Happy Birthday! I love you all!


Lonita said...

What an awesome party - and awesome cakes! (I guess you decided on making the cake instead of the cupcakes?) The random Sesame Street characters on your cake are hilarious.

Tim said...

Looks like fun. Happy birthday.

denverallens said...

So I've got the Sesame Street Figurines figured out. First is Oscar the Grouch. Admittedly, you are sometimes, Oscar the Grouch (we won't go into details!) But then the other one is NOT Elmo. It's Super Grover! The never fearing Super Grover, that is you as well. I think he did a perfect job picking out the decorations on your cake. I don't think they were random at all! So glad you had a great birthday! With I could have been there! XOXO

sally said...

Happy Birthday. It looks like a blast and I wish I could of been there.

quilts and quirks said...

You had a great, no, awesome birthday party, Donna. I so wish we could have been there. Especially for the cake. And TWO cakes. So, much fun. Thanks for including the family B. cards. That made me feel a little part of the big day.

Urban Parks said...

Donna - what a great surprise from a wonderful husband. I know your Mom is envious and wondering if any of Olaf's gene's will rub off on me. I too wish we could have been there.

Kristine said...

Donna it's fun to read about your great birthday. I always enjoy reading your down to earth blog and listening to your music. I'm not nearly as hip in the music department so it's good to mention a few songs I like to impress my kids. Keep on blogging on sharing your entertaining, up beat messages. thanks Kris P.S. You have a great family!

Donna said...

Thanks Kris. I hope you're doing better all the time and can keep up with the wedding plans! (Trevor lives around the corner from us, I'm not a stalker.) Hope you can enjoy this spring better than last year.