The Evil Force

A couple years ago Olaf walked out of work. And saw this car in the parking lot. He couldn't resist getting a few pics.

The license plate is pretty awesome. You see, we love Star Wars at this house. Baby has so many Star Wars Legos that it's ridiculous. But Middle Child absolutely LOVES Darth Vader.

So he had to get a pic of the hood of the Star Wars car. Pretty nice paint job! Once we asked Middle Child why he liked Darth Vader so much, hoping it wasn't because he was evil. His reply, you ask?

"Because he can make people do whatever he wants them to do!"

We tried to explain the difference between the the Evil Darth Vader forcing people to do things versus the Good side of the Force, the Jedi's, using the Force for the benefit of others. But being the victim of his older brother, he was much more interested in Making People Do Things.


denverallens said...

That's awesome! I love it!

sally said...

You always know how to make me smile on a Monday morning. Thanks for that great smile, Middle Child will wish he had the force when his children don't do what he wants them to do.