Good Friends

Last week we went and put up some new lights at Calvin's grave. We had just bought some pretty glass mosaic balls that light up at night. While we were there some girls were meandering around the cemetery, looking at headstones. I didn't think much of it, lots of people come to the cemetery.

As we were leaving Olaf decided to check on our neighbor's mother's decorations. She had helped us decorate Calvin's headstone for Valentine's and we wanted to see how hers looked. Then we drove around the cemetery. On our way out we drove by Calvin's section again.

And there were the two girls. They were there to visit Calvin. How sweet. I'm glad that his friends still remember him. It really makes me happy.


Midwestern gone Idahoan said...

Calvin will NEVER be forgotten by anyone that knew him!! He was such a sweet boy and so goffy too:) Everyone loved him!

You and Chris did a WONDERFUL job with him!! We didn't get enough time with him here - but we know we will get more time with him up in Heaven!

Love you sis!!

Lonita said...

That's really sweet. Definitely shows how much Calvin was loved and is missed!

denverallens said...

That is so sweet that his friends come and visit. Nothing makes a mother prouder than to know she raised a good son that is well liked by peers and loved by everyone.

sally said...

It's nice to know that his friends still think of him. Plus it is wonderful to know that you did such a wonderful job raising him because he is a considerate boy.

quilts and quirks said...

Calvin will always be loved and visited by friends and family. This is a tribute to the fact that he was a friend to one and all alike. He was loved.