Country Living

I always brag about living in a smallish town and how great it is. But sometimes it's not all that great.
  1. Small, useless public library without a drive-by book-drop, creating lots of late fees
  2. Few parks for the kids and without the newest and coolest contraptions to play on
  3. Not enough stoplights
  4. Nothing within walking distance, maybe biking distance but not walking distance
  5. Not much of a cultural arts scene, unless you count the High School yearly play
  6. A lot of people know your business, especially the stuff you don't want anybody to know
  7. Lack of restaurants to choose from making Friday dinner dull and repetitious, sandwiches at home isn't so bad after all. No specialty restaurants unless you count chicken fried steak as a specialty, but definitely not sushi.
  8. Few or no walking paths, but plenty of neighborhood sidewalks
  9. Walmart is the best choice for almost all your shopping, we have three closer than any other acceptable big box store
Hope this cures your jealousy of my small town living.

Actually I like it enough here that this stuff doesn't bother me, but it might someone else and I just wanted you to have an informed decision before you moved to the country.


michael said...

Oh small town living. I like my big town, small city.

sally said...

Jay commented that Boise feels like a small town because if you drive for 45 minutes you're in the desert, whereas in Indiana you're just in a different town. I love the big city but at the same time I love the small town. I just wish I could get the same clothing and food options in the small town as I can in the big city.

Krissie said...

In our big city, we also have 3 Wal Marts closer then any other store (except the base exchange because we are on base), but it's crazy! And when we lived on the other side of town, we had 2 Wal Marts closer then anything else!